freedom of development

The plugin architecture propagates freedom of development and creativity. They don't contain built-in templates or strict logic. Developers are free to code projects the way they have envisioned them.

Not forced into buying redundant functionality

By using Shopaholic you aren't forced into buying redundant functionality. You acquire just enough features to get your e-commerce project started free of charge, and then expand it through additional free or paid extensions.

freedom of development


Flexibility means that each plugin is built in a way that allows developers to customize existing methods, fields, etc. without altering the internal code. This puts you in full control of your projects, while regular updates of our plugins still remain available.

freedom of development


By customizing logic and combining methods, developers are able to implement almost any kind of functionality and give their projects a unique touch that makes them stand out among the competition.

Shopaholic’s supreme quality and reliability

Our developers follow October CMS quality guidelines while full unit tests coverage assures you of Shopaholic’s supreme quality and reliability.

freedom of development

Fully documented products

We also provide developers with guides, walkthroughs on how to set up your e-сommerce project using Octobers CMS with Shopaholic and full documentation of plugins and themes.

freedom of development

What people say about Shopaholic

  • Alexey Bobkov, October CMS co-founder

    Shopaholic is living proof that the combination of high quality code with detailed documentation and well planned marketing can make a successful October CMS product. Soon after its first publication Shopaholic became the top ranked free e-commerce solution on the October marketplace. Today Shopaholic is the default choice for October users who build e-commerce websites.

  • Alvaro Cánepa, Freelance developer

    Shopaholic is a great shopping suite. The idea to have free basic plugins to start a catalog or a small shop site and make it more powerful with the paid plugins is great. I use it on a couple of sites, and I'm glad to work with this suite.

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