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A set of helpers for rapid development


Best free e-commerce plugin for OctoberCMS


Front-end registration, authorization, password recovery, a user profile

Orders for Shopaholic

Adding products to a cart, making orders

Omnipay for Shopaholic

Integration with Omnipay for Laravel 5 & Lumen package

Properties for Shopaholic

Additional properties for products and offers

Sphinx for Shopaholic

Integration with Sphinx open-source search server

Filter for Shopaholic

Catalog filtering by price, properties, discount, quantity

Search for Shopaholic

Catalog searching for products, categories, tags, brands

Good News

Simple blogging plugin

Mighty SEO

SEO automation plugin

Related Products for Shopaholic

Crossales through related products

Tags for Shopaholic

Making landing pages by grouping products

Reviews for Shopaholic

Ability to write product reviews and sort products by rating

Popularity for Shopaholic

Counting products popularity and sorting by this criterion

Accessories for Shopaholic

Upsales through additional products

PayPal for Shopaholic

Ability to checkout using Paypal

Viewed Products for Shopaholic

History of customer's viewed products

Compare for Shopaholic

Products comparison ability

Discounts for Shopaholic

Discounting products prices

Coupons for Shopaholic

Increase sales by giving product coupons

Campaigns for Shopaholic

Create promo campaigns for the products

Wish List for Shopaholic

Customer's list with the products they wish

Stripe for Shopaholic

Ability to checkout using Stripe

Labels for Shopaholic

Ability to mark products with custom labels

Yandex Kassa for Shopaholic

Ability to checkout using Yandex Money